In much the same way that other people enjoy fishing, horse riding, hill walking or playing golf, I take pictures as a hobby. I suppose the aim is just to get the best photo that you possibly can just like catching the biggest fish or getting a hole-in-one.

Landscapes and seascapes were my preference but unless it's somewhere close to the roadside now I'm just not able to do them. If people are involved I prefer the candid shots rather than the posed ones. I can't think of a less interesting picture than the type where two people are shaking hands outside the council offices to mark the opening of a new cupboard.

I set up this site for two reasons, one because Smugmug allows you to store all your photos on here both seen and unseen without crunching or reducing the sizes or anything like that. That is brilliant because it saves having backup hard drives lying around all over the place. Secondly it allows anyone to be able to get a photo direct from here without me having to do anything other than edit them and put them on although that in itself is very time consuming.

Storage space and web hosting isn't exactly cheap so any sales are much appreciated and will help to reduce the considerable annual cost. Both Smugmug and the printing firm take a cut which leaves not a lot for me from each photo but money making is not the aim.

I'm often asked if I can do this or that like weddings and portraits and the answer is no, I'm very limited in what I'm able to do, you need a professional photographer who has the right equipment, whose photos you have seen and who also comes highly recommended by your friends.

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